Sunday, February 26, 2012

WomenHeart of Overland Park Trivia Night

Closing out American Heart Month, WomenHeart of Overland Park, Kansas hosted a Trivia Night fundraiser on Saturday, February 25th. 

WomenHeart of Overland Park, KS Trivia Night.
WomenHeart Champion Sharon Frankel is pictured (in white).

13 teams played trivia at Round Hill Bath and Tennis Club in Overland Park. Each team enjoyed the picnic they had brought for their table, ranging from pizza delivery to chocolate-covered strawberries. WomenHeart Champion Jean Rundle’s husband Lynn was the MC, dressed as Sheriff Andy Taylor from Mayberry. While the guests mingled and ate, each WomenHeart Champion shared her story. WomenHeart Champion Beth Bale greeted guests, told the story of her heart transplant, and shared the importance of WomenHeart and the sisterhood which has formed.            

Once the game began, each team was engrossed and tried their best to keep their answers to just their table! However, when asked: “Who were the 2 men running for president during the Republican convention in Kansas City in 1976?,” WomenHeart Champion Cindy Hillman could be heard shouting out from the back of the room: “Gerald Ford and …”– quickly realizing that she should have been whispering!

Prizes were donated by various small business owners in the area, and by two WomenHeart Champions of the WomenHeart Overland Park chapter. Prizes were handed out to the winning team at the end of each round. There were ten rounds altogether. 

WomenHeart of Overland Park raised $1000 and enjoyed a great time. All the guests and WomenHeart Champions who attended the event are hoping for a rematch during Heart Month 2013!

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